Letter From Super Eagles | Eduoe Ndifreke

“Letter From Super Eagles”
You adorned our vigorous frames
With jerseys so woefully-beautiful
Sent us to the field
To dribble against the white
Then planned a grievous celebration
For our victory,
And we never knew…

So while our strengths fed your ego,
You plotted a bloody soccer game in our homeland,
Turned our farmlands into football fields
Employed animals as your players
Made herdsmen your referees,
Their weapons – the ball,
Our families – your target,
And we never knew…

While we scored in unit
They made a hundred dead bodies their goals
When we popped champagne with shouts of triumph,
They spilled more blood with roars of resentment,
Yet, we never knew…

We never knew,
these dearly attires were mourning dresses
And consolations for your abomination.
We never knew sorrowful moans excite your eardrums
Than sounds of victory.
We never knew your heart delights more
In the unity of cows than that of a Nation…

And again, you’re sending us to the field
With bloodstained white and a gloomy green…
Don’t you think the field would swallow our strength
With scornful grins at our stained white?
Can’t you see our eyes are drowning
And our opponent may look like herdsmen from our blurry view?
Don’t you think cheers from onlookers
May sound like an emergency alert from crying Plateau,
Then get our nerves confused and make us lose this game?

Tell me how comfortable your eyes will watch this match
When humans in your care are becoming
A resting place for bullets and blades?

© Eduoe Ndifreke 2018.


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Jaachi Anyatonwu
Jaachi Anyatonwu is a poet from Nigeria. His writings are inspired by everyday happenings and observations with writings that cut across many genres like poetry, prose, essays and music. Jaachi loves to create rich content; creative writing tips, authorship tips, humorous stories and micro poems. He's the author of Sweetness, a collection of poems.

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