That moment
when one finds oneself filled with the sentiments of hope
and reality becomes a faux

That moment
when one falls into the dungeon of loneliness
and all appeals for company rely on treacly mawkishness.

That moment
when one grope in the darkness of hurt

That moment
when one stagger like a drunken man
and throw up all faux affections in the gutter of disgust

That moment
when nothing else matters
but you,
your peace
your dreams

…in moments like this, 
reflect on the past and don’t repeat history
EVER again!
30, a collection of poems by Jaachi Anyatonwu banner
Jaachi Anyatonwu
Jaachi Anyatonwu is a poet, editor, and publisher living in the suburbs of Aba. He is the author of numerous poetry chapbooks and collections, and the Editor-In-Chief of Poemify Publishers Inc. Jaachi is passionate about discovering new voices and mentoring emerging poets. He is also a fierce advocate for the boy child and sexually molested.

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