Today I Let Go of Past Hurts and Embrace Forgiveness

Holding onto hurts and grudges is like holding onto a hot coal–it only burns us in the end.
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How did you feel after yesterday’s affirmation? Light? Well, let’s feel a lot lighter today.

I want us to talk about something that’s all too familiar: past hurts. We’ve all got ’em, right? Those little (or not so little) stings from yesteryears that still linger in the corners of our minds. But today, , we’re flipping the script.

Day 2 Affirmation:Today I let go of past hurts and embrace forgiveness.”

Yes, you should let go of that hurt. Today, decide that you’re ditching the baggage and embracing the freedom that forgiveness brings. Truth is, holding onto hurts and grudges is like holding onto a hot coal–it only burns us in the end.

So, how do you let go of past hurts?

Well, it’s simple but not always easy. You start by acknowledging those hurts, feeling them, and then, here’s the best part, you let them go. We forgive not because others deserve it, but because we deserve peace. You deserve that peace of mind.

Forgiveness isn’t about excusing someone’s behavior or forgetting what happened. It’s about releasing the power those past hurts have over you. It’s about reclaiming your peace, joy, sanity, and refusing to let the past dictate your present mood or predict your future emotions.

So today, take a deep breath, exhale the negativity, and make room for forgiveness to fill your heart with a breath of fresh air. Trust me, your heart will thank you for it.

I shall be in your email again tomorrow for another affirmation. Until then, stay strong, stay forgiving, and stay sane.

With ❤️,

Jaachị Anyatọnwụ

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