Want To Be An Amazon Bestseller? Read This!

You see, some folks who call themselves Amazon bestsellers aren’t actually making money even when they tell you that they’re bestsellers.

Well, let me explain to you if you don”t know.

Those “Amazon bestsellers” actually launch their books on Amazon in a category that isn’t popular, get their friends to download a few copies (say 100 copies) and that triggers the algorithm that the book is selling, meanwhile they’re not actually selling anything.

They’re just free downloads!

They’re made bestsellers by Amazon because it’s a good-feel metric but no money has actually entered their accounts. 

If you noticed, people who were all over the place calling themselves Amazon Bestsellers in 2017 and 2018, but is it the craze now? No, because a fad is a fad. It doesn’t last long. Don’t follow fads!

Which is better? 

To launch a book, become bestseller but no money in the account but only a name to make mouth with?


Launch a book, get it selling well so that you’re actually seeing alerts in your bank account and even if you don’t become bestseller, you’re making money?

I bet you know the answer!

Choose today to be the real bestseller

Bestseller = Selling best + money in the account. 

The Your Book Will Sell online course show you how you can launch a book, market it and make lots of money from your published book.

Your Book Will Sell
Your Book Will Sell by Emeka Nobis

It shows you exactly what you have to do to make your published books sell and make lots of money for you. The good news is that the promo is on till December 31st. It means that if you purchase today, you’ll get it for N20,000 instead of N50,000.

You’ll also get the printed book, Your Book Will Sell, shipped to any part of Nigeria that you’re in.

Great, right?

Punch the link learn.emeka.nobis.com/your-book-will-sell and join the course right now.

Remember, this promo ends on the 31st day of December. After December 31st, the price reverts to N50,000. Grab this oppurtunity now. I have!


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