Inasmuch as we tend to blame the devil for every not-so-good things we do, it takes a great deal of self-discipline to take responsibility for every decision made and action done. I could blame Bella for being such a pro irresistible seductress, but I did have a hand in making it possible.

It takes two to tango, says an English idiom. On this idiom I build my definition of seduction.

“Seduction isn’t making someone do what they don’t want to do. Seduction is enticing someone into doing what they secretly want to do already.”

2013, Nekede.

That was the year/place I last had sex with a lady who put me through weeks of nonstop seduction. For the sake of privacy, I’ll call her Bella.

We met at a computer training school where I worked as the lead tutor. There, I tutored undergraduate students of Federal Polytechnic, Nekede and Federal University of Technology, Owerre. She was my student. I was her tutor.

It was me who attended to her on the day she registered. She was accompanied to my office b a fine young man who, as I was told later, was her boyfriend. On the registration form, one of the required information is filling out one’s local government area. What she wrote was what triggered our friendship. Ngwa. We were from the same clan.

Soon, a tutor/student relationship would graduate to a brother/sister relationship that would climax in an amorous adventure. She was endearing much. She’s a talker, , a patient listener. She told me almost about everything about her without being asked. I didn’t spill much about me. I don’t until I am asked. Even when asked, I am always economical with the full gist.

We got closer, so close, that when her time’s up for tutorials, she stays back assisting with office work. It was relief because I got to focus on other things that needed my attention. After work, we’d walk back home. She lives a street away from mine. Sometimes, when we hold hands, she claps mine tight, caressing my palms at intervals. I gesture I unconsciously reciprocated. Lol.

And then, at night, before I fall asleep, we’d chat chat chat. Topics ranging from work to family, to religion, to Aba, to Ngwa, to relationship, to sex. She did not fail to chirp in subtle sexual innuendos that silently scream ‘hey man, I want you in my bed! Don’t you see?’.

Her tutorials start in the evening, 2pm-5pm, so she comes only in evenings, but as time went on, Bella started bringing me lunch by 12pm. She’d come with a lunch pack and insist I take a break and eat before starting tutorials. She’d sit right there and watch me eat. She eats with me, sometimes.

We had a crowd of students before Bella registered, but they all graduated weeks later, leaving just Bella and one other secondary school student whose classes were scheduled for weekends only. So, it was always only Bella and I in the class (a block behind the main office), every evening.

We’d talk and eat, crack jokes and laugh, more talks about random things. Sometimes our discussions would drift to relationships and sex. It was during a conversation on sex that she kissed me out of the blues. I didn’t see it coming. I just finished eating when she asked;

“Ever kissed a girl?”

I smiled and replied with a question. “Why do you ask?” I looked away and bent over to turn on the UPS.

“Your lips are tempting, I wish…”.

I wasn’t surprised. It wasn’t her first time of saying it. Also, she wasn’t the first female to notice my lips and compliment ‘em. She’s been making subtle sexual advances which I pretended to ignore. Sometimes, she’d intentionally brush her hand over my back, or allow her palm to linger on mine whenever our hands meet in the course of guiding her on how to click here, click there. Not forgetting her enticing winks, provocative smiles and the way she looked at me when she talked to me.

She had her timing well planned out, because as I strengthened up after turning on the UPS, Bella’s face right at my face. She kissed me, with so much passion and want. I held her close. I returned the kisses. We kissed.

From that day onwards, we started switching roles at intervals. I, her tutor, she, the student, learning how to explore the computer. The next minute, we’d switch roles. I, the student, she, the tutor, teaching me how to explore her body.

While I taught her how to hold a mouse and navigate her way around a PC, she taught me how to hold her breasts and find landmarks on her body.

I’d be teaching her CSS and HTML, she’d be paying attention, but at the same time, stroking my penis or caressing my back.

We had all the privacy. No one cares to interrupt my training sessions until time’s up, so not once were our sexual escapades interrupted. With the AC running, windows shut, door closed, and a noisy power generator just beside the block, we threw caution to the wind and explored our bodies however and whenever.

This went on, until that Saturday.

Jaachi Anyatonwu Sweetness

This collection of poems promises to take you on a tour of lyrical beaches to see beautiful sunsets. The imagery is vivid, easily relatable! This book will make you yearn for love and the sweetness of romance. — Jide Badmus (Author, There is a Storm in my Head)

It was one of those Saturdays when there’s a compulsory general environmental exercise, AKA, clean-up.

I had plans of travelling to Aba on Sunday evening, to return on Tuesday, in the following week, but I had stuff to do at the office, which can’t wait until I am back to Owerri. So, early in the morning that Saturday, I took my bath, dressed up and went to the office. On getting to the office, I went inside and bolted the door so as to avoid attracting the attention of Environmental taskforce who go about looking for defaulters.

Moments later, I heard a faint knock on the door, and when I inquired to know who it was, I heard her voice. Bella. I unbolted the door and let her in.

Remember, she lived a street away from mine. This means, I pass through her street to and fro work.

“What are you doing here? It’s a Saturday.”, I queried.

“I am here to help with whatever you need assistance with, or are you not travelling tomorrow again?”

“Kind of you.” I gave her a file to sort. They were FEDPONEK admission forms which we were processing for secondary school leavers seeking admission to the polytechnic. Her job was to call out details on the form while I fill them online.

Form 1, 2, 3, 6, 10, 12 done and dusted, we hi-five’d. With nothing else to do and an environmental exercise still in effect, we stayed there chit-chatting.

By God, I haven’t met a young lady as seductive as Bella. Is it the singsong of her voice? Or the glint in her eyes and those mesmerising winks? Or how her lips curve, spread out and curl in in-between speaking? Or her skin, fair and glowing? Or the way she squeezes my palms? Or her cleavage that attracts my eyes like metal to magnet?

Bella had me. Well, because I desired her. She desired me too, as much as I did. We both were consumed by lust, so much we just couldn’t restrain ourselves no longer.

I am pretty sure, if she’s to write about this, I’d be the seducer in her own story, while play the girl-who-couldn’t-resist-his-advances role.

Watch Neo Geo Wild? Ever seen how eagles lurch at their prey? Perfect imagery! That was how we both lurched at each other. Simultaneously, we sprang up our feet and attacked our lips with kisses. The intensity of it could make one lose one’s breathe.

Hands soon become restless, fondling here and folding there, caressing here and caressing there, squeezing here and squeezing there.

She found my fly, unzipped it, dropped on her knees and gave me my first blowjob. She was so good at it, I almost erupted in her mouth. I guess she noticed, because she stopped, ordered me to sit down, pulled down her jean, pulled her G-string aside, and backing me, eased herself on my turgid member and rode me with reckless abandon. I later learnt that style is known as reverse cowgirl.

Her inside was wet and slippery, neither tight nor loose. The sound of her butt slapping against my hips coupled with the sweet sensation coming from the deep strokes, was heavenly. I came. She came. We came.

I don’t know how long that lasted, but by the time we were done, the environmental exercise was over. Exhausted, Bella stood up, turned around and sat on my laps. I kissed her.

I left Nekede on the following day.

I didn’t return until three years later.

Aba held me down with activities I couldn’t avoid.

I never got to see Bella again. Thinking about this now, it feels like we both knew that day would be our last time together, and we made good/full use of it.

Bella didn’t seduce me. We seduced us. It was a mutual seduction. Seduction isn’t making someone do what they don’t want to do. Seduction is enticing someone into doing what they secretly want to do already. We both desired it. We got what we wanted.

PS: Her real name is Bella.

30, a collection of poems by Jaachi Anyatonwu
Jaachị Anyatọnwụ
Jaachị Anyatọnwụ is a poet, editor, and publisher living in the suburbs of Aba. He is the author of numerous poetry chapbooks and collections, and the Editor-In-Chief of Poemify Publishers Inc. Jaachị is passionate about discovering new voices and mentoring emerging poets. He is also a fierce advocate for the boy child and sexually molested.


  1. Avatar
    • Jpmyron

    • 1 year ago

    I may have urge but then I don’t secretly want to have anything.. Dont seduce me.


    1. Jaachi Anyatonwu

      I wouldn’t dare. Remain rapturable

  2. Avatar
    • Temitope Priscilla

    • 1 year ago

    Premium Bella.
    Life is fleeting,live while you’re alive.

    1. Jaachi Anyatonwu

      True that, do what’s right while you live.

  3. Avatar

    Is this fiction?
    if it isn’t, with your social media popularity you should have reconnected with Bella right?

    1. Jaachi Anyatonwu

      This isn’t fictional story.
      Talking about reconnecting with Bella, I choose not to (for personal reasons). Bella and I are currently residing in the same city. We are Facebook friends also. She comments on my posts ocassionally. We’ve crossed paths thrice along the road, and exchanged pleasantries, but I wouldn’t want to rekindle the flames of lust by reconnecting with her again.

      Thanks so much for reading, Owoicho.

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