An Indian Girl married a Spanish man and went to Spain. She can’t speak Spanish. Each time she want to buy Chicken Drumstick at the market, she would lift her skirt and show her thighs to enabled the seller understand her.

One day she wanted to buy banana, she took her husband to shop.
Do You Know Why? 
It’s because he speaks Spanish. 
But I like the way you think.
You see, people, we are what we think. How we react to situations is determined by the state of our hearts.
What do you feed your mind with?
Nobody is responsible how your life turns out. You are the driver of your destiny because of what you choose to do and how you chose to react to conditions around you. 
How you are today spiritually, mentally, physically, is as a result of decision you took yesterday.
The most important of all factors in your life is the mental food in which you live. It is the food, which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.
It is the thoughts that dominate an individual mind that point to his direction in life as well as your surroundings.
Everything in your life your life today, the state of your body, whether healthy or sickly, that state of your fortune, whether prosperous or failure, whether happy of the reverse, the present condition of every phase of life is entirely controlled by the thought, feeling and what you choose to do in the past
By the habitual tone of your past thinking and the condition of your life tomorrow, and the next by the thoughts and feeling which you choose to entertain.
In other words, you choose your life, you choose your food that is to say, you choose all the conditions of your life when you choose the thoughts upon which you allow your mind to dwell.
The Good Book said “…guide your mind with all diligent for out of it are the issues of life.”

Another place, it said “…as a man thinks in his heart so he is. Proverbs 23 vs. 7”.
This means that you cannot change your environment while leaving your mind unchanged.
If you change your mind, your conditions must change too, even your body must change, your daily work or activities must change, your home must change, and the colour tone of your whole life must change because of good mental food. 
If you are determined to start now with mental dieting, carefully select all the good thoughts that are going to dominate your mind.
This is the only way if you want to make your life happy and worthwhile, you must begin immediately to train yourself in the habit of thought selection and thought control.
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Jaachi Anyatonwu
Jaachi Anyatonwu is a poet, editor, and publisher living in the suburbs of Aba. He is the author of numerous poetry chapbooks and collections, and the Editor-In-Chief of Poemify Publishers Inc. Jaachi is passionate about discovering new voices and mentoring emerging poets. He is also a fierce advocate for the boy child and sexually molested.

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