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Ever wondered what goes on in a bard’s mind? Writers absolutely live in their heads. It’s where the story begins and the characters come alive.

A bard can see, hear, or feel a character’s feelings. He can listen to the voices in their head, follow the visions in their mind, and even have imaginary people become real, breathing, talking, walking personalities. Ever wondered what goes on in a bard’s mind? I wrote this poem to paint a perfect picture of what goes on in a bard’s mind.

A Sneak Peak Into A Bard’s Mind

With headlamps strapped to our heads
we search faces for muses,
strange faces become stranger faces,
words mask themselves in obscurity
leaving us with vague lines and forced rhymes.

With headphones plugged on our heads,
we lean painstakingly toward a cacophony,
as to decipher what voice is muse,
what demon to reuse,
but a stampede of voices fall, one against the other,
until we are lost connecting dots
for the labyrinths that we create
in brief moments of terrific brainstorms

…so much for just a poem!

and poetry?
she’s a breast of mystic metaphors,
thighs that form imageries we adore,
a beautiful array of abstract discourse,
the voluptuous chaos of man’s phallic discourse.

The writer’s mind is an endless dissection of truths,
an abyss where sanity bloom,
a haven where words are prettified perfections,
a brothel where bards flirt with words.

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