Spirituality: Spiritual Living Decision

What spiritual living decisions are you taking today? Is your spirituality in sync with God's word?
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What spiritual living decisions are you taking today? Is your spirituality in sync with God’s word?

Greetings, dear reader,

I trust your Saturday was productive. Mine was exhausting and insightful. I was privileged to attend a media training that took almost the better entire betterhalf of my day. Believe me when I say it was worth the sacrifice. I still am basking in the knowledge acquired. Would you tell me how you spent yours? I’d love to write you a newsletter based on your Saturday experience.

Today, I want to share a powerful truth with you that has the potential to transform your life. As usual, if you’ve observed the pattern, I write spirituality on Sundays. Today’s no exception. So, shall we?

Spirituality: Spiritual Living Decision

Recently, I have seen amd read really crazy takes and tales from Christians about their spiritual riruals, activities, and habits. I must say, they are not really edifying. I’ll reel out, abd adress a few.

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Supernatural Life

Supernatural living is not about exchanging WhatsApp messages with the 24 elders nor sharing a cup of tea with the Most High. It goes far beyond that.

Supernatural living is about making every decision of your life based on convictions drawn from the Written Word of God. The Scriptures, divinely inspired and filled with eternal wisdom, should be the compass that guides our steps. Let us seek to align our choices, actions, and thoughts with the truth contained within the Word.

Intimacy with the Holy Ghost

Likewise, let us remember that intimacy with the Holy Spirit is not about addressing Him as our “faithful lover and eternal boyfriend.” While endearing terms have their place, true intimacy with the Holy Spirit is manifested in our obedience to His gentle nudge.

When He prompts us to cease unedifying arguments that lead to strife, may we respond with humility and wisdom. It is in heeding the Spirit’s instructions that intimacy thrives.

Obedience is Better than Emotional Displays

Surrendering to God is not merely an emotional display, tearing up in worship, rolling on the floor with solemn chants of being a “filthy rag.” Although recognizing our desperate need for God’s grace is crucial, surrendering also means picking ourselves up from our mistakes. It means standing tall, clothed in the righteousness and redemption that God has graciously granted us. Let us walk boldly, knowing that we are beloved children of the Most High.

Jesus Joy!

Furthermore, let us understand that the joy of the Holy Ghost is not limited to exuberant displays, dissecting exegesis or imitating the accents of American preachers.

The true joy of the Holy Spirit can be experienced even in the face of maltreatment, insults, and torment from those who oppose us. It is the joy that springs from the deep well of our souls, rooted in our faith and hope in Christ Jesus.

In Conclusion

As we reflect upon these truths, may we strive to live in accordance with the principles of God’s Word. Let us seek supernatural living that transcends superficial expressions and draws us closer to the heart of our Heavenly Father. Together, let us embrace the challenges and joys that come with walking in the Spirit.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you. Amen.

Happy Sunday!

Yours in Christ,
Jaachị Anyatọnwụ

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