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poetry, like sex,
fleetingly banjax
the futility of life.
like a glorious orgasm,
for a moment,
you port into blissful oblivion,
released from the mundane
like a bird from an eternal cage.

I can write a whole chapbook of poems about romance and erotic love; I have written three. I don’t think there is anything more to say that cannot be found within their pages. But, regardless of how many eros-themed chapbooks I publish, romance and erotic love cannot be exhausted. There’s always a lot more to explore, experiment with, and exhume. So, once again, Victoria B. Willie and I bring you Under the Sheets, a collection of poems exploring the wet depths of erotic love.

In every romantic relationship, there is a defining piece of music, poetry, or art that permeates through it and makes it a beautiful tale worth telling on rooftops to the hearing of every curious ear.

Under the Sheets is significant to Victoria and me, in this respect. 

Perhaps it has something to do with the connection between her poetry and my muse. There is a thrilling beauty and throbbing sweetness to these poems that resonate beyond words and verses.

Before Victoria and I knew each other, we had already shared a similar aesthetic, both in the visual and written form. She has the most terrifically beautiful imagination. I do too. In fact, it was how we met. In 2019, she requested to be the person of ‘Amina’ in a series of erotic poems I was writing and reply the poems as ‘Amina’. A surprising collection of poems unfolded – Amina Epistles. We discovered how deeply we share a similar appreciation for art. Words and verses were our bonding agents. This motivated us to embark on yet another exciting adventure into the orgasmic cuntryside of erotic poetry with pun icing on top. Under the Sheets was born from this adventure, as lovers who can not only imagine the exultation and enthralling thrills of love, but also embrace the exciting and ecstatic tingles of sex.

Sex and poetry are natural bedfellows since they both deal with wholeness, moving beyond oneself, and unrestricted freedom. Erotic poetry permits us to be titillated. They help us better comprehend our impulses, and as a result, erotic poetry has become a space where we may play out our illogical anxieties or gratify our deep-seated cravings without being questioned by phoney moralists who’d rather keep the mind’s wildest imaginings contained. Unexpressed.

The poems in this book are erotically charged, amplifying a latent protest to erect monuments to the primordial force of sex: an attempt to recapture the sensuous, mysterious, and profoundly human experience of intimacy.

Under the Sheets emphasises the necessity for words to reveal the erotic; the act of staring at people and their bodies until it is altered by uncontrolled desire language, brewed by explicit pun, and refined by resonating metaphor.

Under the Sheets shows how much we need the deliciously naughty and all of the subtle and important freedom, joy, and connection it can provide. In between the pages of this book, you will find the remnants of a fierce and unbridled passion, intertwined with the ache of explosive wanton desires.

I hope you enjoy Under the Sheets, in the reading, as much as Victoria and I, in the writing… and ‘in the doing’? Click here to get a copy of ‘Under The Sheets’.

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