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Start off by imagining yourself in a race
If you’re stuck with prospects, maybe choose a familiar face.
Consider your heartbeat and the fire in her eyes.
Will the embers be golden, or just eros bright?

Imagine a caress, a kiss filled with tongue plays.
Trembling fingers running down a steeple of napes.
Imagine wild, go dreamy, or naughty as you wish
Try versing how this imagery makes you feel.

Now run through her thighs with your breath.
Kiss. Tease. Tongue. Flap. Deep.
Smell. Breath. Touch. Tell me, what do you hear?
Are the moans so faked, too soft, or just faint?

This fantasy creation or lady you know
imagine her screaming and then make her glow.
Take her to Jupiter, spin her around,
does she curl in satisfaction or call for another round?

Turn down the volume, or set it to loud.
Make it lubricated, tease with the crown.
Make her flush with colour brighter than light
until she feels vanquished in the coital fight.

Then turn off the heat, and try to make her freeze.
This is your lady, so do as you please.
Worship her. Explore her. Tour the moon and back.
This is how to write a poetica.

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