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“it’s better to dance than to march through life”

so, i push the play button
turn on the volume & dance
to a cacophony of naysayings
& a symphony of motivators
on repeat

as i dance, i am pushing through
the barriers of tiredness
fighting to commit once more
despite all of the distress
i dance

leaving no time to sit & sulk
over opportunities missed
indulging never in anxious ponder
over situations that overwhelmed me
i dance

& wonder while at it
what the effort to sit
at the complainants’ corner has been for
than i sing of things i’m grateful for
i dance

forever marching forward
digging deeper the tap root of hope
into this soil of fertile thoughts
sapping the music of life into my trunk
until i blossom like a field of flowers

l e t t h e m u s i c p l a y

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