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rivalry is

a quicksand that swallows brothers
an excuse for animosity to be abused

a justification to enshrine the irrational
a fancy name for beasts to compete

against people we evolved over time
to call ‘brother’. assemble a masses

of the vile ideals to fight against
their activist & lick the boosted

behinds of their oppressors.
must we pull down who means well

for our stock? we are all too similar
in culture, & language, & everything,

to beat the drums of war against
our mouthpiece, & promote

altercations brother against brother
as though intolerance of oppression

is actually an act of terrorism. our
similarities should be used as blocks

to build connecting bridges of peace
cause this self-destruct to cease

throw down all spitefully built fences
break down conceited idealities

fall in love with ìgwè bú ike & in
intentional unison disrobe

the aggressor who sowed the
seed of discord & rivalry

amongst us

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