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the sun & the moon closed their eyes:
was that you shutting out the faint light of hope
that illuminate the dark corners of your hurting heart?

the wind & the trees ended swishing, swirling:
was that you turning off the melody of hope
that fine-tuned the dirge-like symphony of your hurting heart?

the sea & the boat became one:
was that you drowning your shrinking soul
in a pool of tears
that caresses your cheeks with salty kisses?

have i told you?
the sun still shines over here & the moon still glows silver by night
the wind still swishes gently by & palm trees twerk to the cool & gentle breeze
the sea, though stormy still. it rocks my boat to sleep

don’t you see?
there’s hope just across the other side–
there were you dread to cross over.
come, now, out of your shell of self-pity
& embrace this mesmerizing flicker of hope

like a candlestick hold on to its flicker
‘gainst a tornado of naysayers.

this is an ode to you, to me, to all of us

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