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I remember the first poem I wrote. It was titled “No Pain, No Gain”.

It was in 2005.

Family’d moved from the centre of Aba to a suburb some months before that day. It was a new environment. Calm. Quiet. Semi rural. Trees. Fruits. Flowers. Lovely.

I and my younger brothers had a room overlooking the street, though barricaded by a dwarf fence. With my bed by the window and a reading/writing table just over the bed, I had to myself the perfect corner to sit alone and let my thoughts run wild, songwriting.

‘No Pain, No Gain’ was inspired by a short story written by my sister Mabel Anyatonwu. The protagonist never had it fair with life; it was an endless loop of hurt, disappoinment, betrayal, death, rape, abuse. But, at the end, hope bleached life until it became fair.

What started as an I-Too-Can-Write has become my identity.

I was interviewed by Loveth Opeyemi last year (God rest her soul), as one of the authors selected for Essence Challenge.

I talked about my writing journey, a few of my books, publishing and well, the truth about Sabrina.

You can listen to the podcast by clicking here.

PS: Shout-out to Daachiever’s Blog and it’s founder. You’re doing a great work, Kudabo Victory. Don’t stop. Ever!

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