I have questions. May I ask?

Ever taken time to flip those pages before judging the book?
Ever taken time to look deep beyond the surface of illusionary facts before writing someone off?
Ever given time enough time to give time a chance?
How do strangers gradually turn friends and lovers become strangers?
And how can someone you never imagined you could tolerate became the best of friends?

Love happened?

Permit me to flip the coin. Thanks.

You never planned for it. It just happened.

I hate clichés but permit me to use this… “Out of the blues” she captured your heart.

The bond so strong, so real, so true. She completes your words and speaks your mind.

Like a stream, you flow seamlessly with her thoughts, her ideologies.

Your dreams fit perfectly in hers.

A little misunderstanding and suddenly things changed.

You begin to see another side to this person you so loved, so trusted and so desired.

You begin to see faults that never existed and flaws that we all share (as humans).

You are disappointed.

Hatred sets in. You wonder “what on earth attracted me to this nitwit?”

Somehow, reluctantly, you reconcile but the conversations are not the same. The fire goes out. The coal in your heart’s fireplace is frozen. You don’t feel a thing.

This caused a rift that pushes you farther away from her into the arms of another. Into the arms of same lady you rejected because you couldn’t find time to look deep before you took a leap.

You realize you judged her wrong after all.

You should’ve stayed.
But it’s too late.
She’d shut you out
Same day you marked her out.
And you can’t go back to the former
because hurt, pride, unnecessary fear.

These things happen to us everyday. But we never seem to learn from the experiences.

We refrain from flipping those pages.
“Bad book” you say “not worth a read”
We don’t read them word to word, line to line, page to page…one chapter after the other.

Blindly we judge. We gave none time and benefit of a doubt.

We are too quick to back flip from people sighting a fault we all share as humans. Same fault you may be guilty of someday and yearn to be understood, forgiven and embraced.

But we can give it time.

It’s just a seedling. We can give it time to become one with the soil, get moisturized, break even, germinate, grow…and bear fruit.

Some hearts are patched, we know…give it time…water it. Miracles happen.

Give it time.

That lady that believes in you and invests time and treasures to promote your art. Give her time.

That church brother that lits up whenever you walk in and grins like an idiot whenever you say “hi” even though it was for the old mama behind me. Give him time.

That casual friend that always smiles at you and waves when you pass by. Give her time.

That dream…that goal…that plan…before you throw in the towel…Give it time.

That thing you love to do, that gives you joy and satisfaction but doesn’t seem to pay your bills yet. Give it time.

That one person, though annoying, but stays like the moon when your darkness comes…give them time.

Whatever yours may be, give time some time to try it.

Please, it’s not a waste of time to give things time to prove their worth or worthlessness.

Shallow experiences and bitter regrets await you if out of impatience you make yourself a relationship or career prostitute (Sorry, was that harsh?)

I don’t wish to sound too optimistic, you know… hence this: you must know when to take a walk, when by all indications, you are truly convinced that that relationship or career choice isn’t worth the wait.

Don’t stay too long. Walk!
You may not make it in one piece.

In summary, be patient, be wise, be careful, be tolerant.

We all are humans, flawed yet phenomenal.

Give it time.


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