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The Quest For Peace

They told us that rivers does not flow up the mountain,
But rather flows down the mountain
Why then does my tears flow upwards
Into my head, dampening my thoughts afterwards?

They told us stars twinkle in the night
And that wind powers eagle wings
Why then are wrinkles in the sky
And eagles roll with chicks?

I seek for peace in the skyline
Like the Eastern Maggi scouting for stars.
I hear a Messiah is born
But this star roams like it’s lost.

I seek for peace in flowing rivers
Like the sons of Zebedee fishing fishes
I’ve toiled all night amidst cold shivers
Nothing caught, save my wishes.

They told us
And we believed
They played us
Look who’s bereaved!

I’m still searching for peace in airless wind
Still digging trenches
To channel my tears down the valley
Another 365 days with eyes on the sky
Scouting for that star.

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