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To The Good, Kind, and Innocent Men

There are men who exhibit animalistic animalistic behaviour, so also there exists women who are more beastly than they are human.

In other words, just as there are dualistic aspects (good/bad) that are characteristic of humans, so also are there good and bad men. Denying the presence of a significant exception is the start of lip service because irresponsibility and bruteness shouldn’t be seen as the norm for all males.

Yes, men are good, and regardless of your “ment,” “ism,” or extreme left and far right ideology, everyone should hold this belief.


Consider all the advantages you currently have, from the industrial revolution to technological development to the jet and computer age to the current era of artificial intelligence and space exploration, even governance, education, and healthcare. At the forefront of civilization are men. Good men. Really good men whose only goal in life to ensure living on earth is easy, bliss, and fun for all irrespective of gender, race, creed, nationality, and of course, isms.

This, though obvious, is also worthy of note that it is still men–mostly good men–who provide the majority of families with life support; majority of loved ones with moral support; majority of acquaintances with mental support; and almost about everyone, both stranger and familiar, with financial support. Only a good man would make such selfless sacrifices for the greater good of others.

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It’s high time we started discussing the positive things men have done, are doing, and will continue to accomplish. We must learn to dismantle, counter, disprove, and rewrite the stories that some women through the media, use to denigrate, discredit, and dismiss men. Good men need not apologize for masculinity.

I don’t want to get married to a woman who has predetermined hatred or contempt for male humans, of which I am one. I don’t want to have a daughter who, as she gets older, will despise her brothers and other men in her life due to the widespread perception of “men are scum.” So, endeavour, in your pursuit of violence against beastly men, to not drag the good, kind, and innocent men–born and unborn–to the gallows.

To develop men who will not regret being a man, men who will be men and not some ass lickers, and men who know and acknowledge their worth despite the cringe-worthy stereotypes of our society, is what I advocate for.

This is why I write and talk for boys and men like me: to show everyone, even the vehement misandrists and bitter feminists, that men are good and that there are still good men working hard to improve the quality of life for us all.

To all such men, you shall find joy. Lasting joy. Lasting and true joy.


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